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Aleppo Bay Laurel Olive Oil Soap 12% - 100 g

Aleppo Bay Laurel Olive Oil Soap 12% - 100 g

Ideal for sensitive or easily irritated skins.

This soap Has 88% OILVE OIL, 12 % LAUREL OIL Sodium olivate*, aqua, sodium laurate, sodium hydroxide.

Dermatologically tested. The fresh weight of the soap is about 100 grams per unit and can vary due to traditional cutting technique.

Packaging: All soaps are hand wrapped and delivered in attractive wrap.

Directions: As the formed soap is produced out of the traditional soap bar, it is also very well for the daily cleaning of face, hands and the whole body when having a shower. It provides the skin with daily moisture and nourishment.

Please keep the soap dry after usage on the wooden soap dish.

* Without animal ingredients
* No artificial colours
* No artificial perfumes
* No conservatives
* End product fabricated without animal testing
* Dermatologically tested

Soap Weight 100 grams

This soap is made with 88 % Olive Oil and 12 % Laurel Oil. It can be used for your daily cleaning of your face