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Essential Oil Blends Information

Essential Oil Blends Information

How to choose the best essential oil blends.

Whether youre seeking essential oils for cosmetics or wondering if you could increase your energy with an oil blend, the solution will be found on our pages. While the potential range of blended oils seems unlimited, there is a clear understanding go which oils work well together and which do not.

The therapeutic power of essential oils is undoubted but knowing how to create a blended essential oil for anxiety, for example, requires a deep recognition of the different properties and interactions of these natural treatments. As a result, weve moved past essential oil blending basics to offer a comprehensive range of effective blended essential oils that can be trusted to achieve their stated aims. Our customers simply have to decide if they wish to use our essential oils for cosmetics, in a diffuser or diluted in a massage treatment or many other ways. In all circumstances our blended essential oils guide will help you select the perfect blend for your needs.

Blended essential oils - quality and storage:

We supply our blended essential oils in classic amber glass bottles so that the quality of the oil is not affected by light or leaching from plastic containers. To maintain the properties of essential oil blends, its important to know how to store them.

Essential oil blends need to be stored differently to solo oils. For example - while citrus oils are particularly prone to oxidation and can therefore be stored in the fridge, other oils like Rose Otto and Fennel may actually solidify if too cold, which can mean you need to warm them up to use them. As a result, blended essential oils should be kept in a cool dark place, but not the refrigerator because while too much heat and light can speed up oxidation, the process of the oils heating up and cooling down, which can damage their qualities, overcooling can mean you cant use them immediately.

Essential oil blend UK choices:

Weve created a range of blended oils that are designed to help improve health and wellbeing. For example, our essential oils headache blend is carefully balanced to relieve pain and also address underlying anxiety or stress. Our energise blend brings mental and physical stimulation alongside other oils that deliver long-lasting stamina and our christmas essential oil blend doesnt just scent your house with the exotic fragrances of citrus and spice, it brings an open-hearted clarity that can cut through the stresses of this demanding period of the year.

Whatever your needs, we have an oil blend to meet them!