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Krishna Leela Incense Sticks - 20g

Krishna Leela Incense Sticks - 20g

Krishna Leela Agarbathi incense sticks are a masala incense made with a special blend of pure extracts, resins and natural oils to give you a highly fragranced and wonderful aroma in your home.

Made in India krishna leela incense sticks will produce a powerful aroma similar to nag champa, many people prefer these to nag champa incense sticks and if you like satya sai baba incense sticks then you will like these krishna leela incense sticks.

The exotic fragrance is made using oils of sandalwood, aromatic roots, natural oils, herbs and roots, to give you a truly rich exquisite aroma.

Each pack contains 15 incense sticks.

Burntime approx 30 mins.