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Spiritual Home (Harmony and Joy) Tibetan Incense

Spiritual Home (Harmony and Joy) Tibetan Incense

This spiritual home incense is entirely handmade from selected natural ingredients found in the uncontaminated environment of the Himalayan region. It is recomended that this incense is used daily in the home as an offering to the three jewels (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha), it purifies the environment from all negatives thus creating an harmonious, peaceful and joyful home.

Tibetan incense are ideal for use when practising meditation, yoga, relaxation and purification offerings. Using natural herbs from high altitude makes this range of Tibetan incense pure and natural.

Spiritual Home Incense uses no bamboo core, contains natural ingredients, is non-toxic and hand rolled in accordance with traditional Tibetan methods.

Each pack is 20g