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Tasi Yellow - Tibetan Big Pack Incense

Tasi Yellow - Tibetan Big Pack Incense

Big Pack of Tasi Yellow Tibetan Incense Sticks.

Tasi Yellow Tibetan Incense Sticks are made from a formulation of 35 different aromatic substances and aromatic spices including red and white sandalwood, nagi and saffron to just form a part of these Tibetan Incense. In Tibet the preparation of Zimpua or ritual incense is one of the many arts of Tibet, but the excellence of Zimpua is not just in the quality and purity of the ingredients used but also in the formulation. This is a hand made incense with great care taken in accordance with the traditions that have been preserved throughout the many centuries within the monastic orders of Tibet

A quality pack of Tibetan incense made in the in monasteries of Nepal.

100g packs, that will contain about 44 incense sticks per pack.

Length is approx 30cm for each incense stick.

We also sell a range of incense holders and burners for these Tibetan Incense Sticks.