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Yellow, Buttercup Cottage - Fairy House Incense Cone Holder by Lisa Parker

Yellow, Buttercup Cottage - Fairy House Incense Cone Holder by Lisa Parker

Buttercup Cottage House Incense Holder. Burning your incense cones with this really pretty fairy house incense holder will allow your incense cones to burn in a safe way and when the incense cone is burning it will let the smoke from the incense cone rise from the chimney, creating a lovely effect, with the smoke puffing from the chimney it will fill and fragrance your room very well. This is a good sized, well made incense cone holder, and would make an excellent gift.

The Buttercup Cottage fairy house incense cone burner uk is designed by Lisa Parker who is a successful freelance artist, Lisa Parker has traditionally been a wildlife artist for many years, but has a talent for witchcraft and fantasy to create unique designs, which are avalable worldwide.

This fairy house incense cone burner has a yellow roof. The design can be seen in the main picture.

Comes complete in a picture box, will make alovely gift for someone for burning incense cones, or just used for decoration in your home or in a fairy garden, this incense burner looks good and attractive whether it is lit or not.

Dimensions: Height: 12.5cm x Width: 13cm.

To Use: Make sure the cone is well lit and burning before placing the house back on the base, it allows the incense to burn well.