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12 Pack of Replacement Reeds 3.5mm

12 Pack of Replacement Reeds 3.5mm

12 pack of natural replacement reeds to replace your used and old reeds. With a reed diffuse, you get no smoke, dripping wax or anxiety of burning candles and are ideal for around the office or home where there are pets and small children, you get an excellent fragrance without the worry of candles.

These natural bamboo reed sticks are ideal for when your old reeds are used and need replacing, because old reeds clog up after time, so with new reed sticks you can refresh your diffuser, they are also ideal when you have used up a reed diffuser and you want to refill the bottle with reed diffuser refill oil and then add your new reed sticks.

These reeds are approx 29cm long and 3.5 mm wide.