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Massage Oils Information

Massage Oils Information

Why use blended massage oil blends?

Massage is good for everybody from newborn babies to those with long term health conditions. But massage is only half of the solution - massage benefits are enhanced by using high quality pure essential oils in a top quality grape seed and sweet almond carrier oil carrier oil. Thats why we offer a choice of two superb massage oil bases, either Sweet Almond Oil or Grapeseed Oil as the base for our carefully designed massage oil essential oils blends. Simply pick your preferred carrier oil and well make up the blend to your preference.

Which massage oil base should I choose?

Each of our premium quality carrier oils has its own advantages. Heres our guide to which

massage oil best meets your needs:

Grapeseed Oil -

this oils light consistency makes it ideal for massage, and it provides the skin with a light glossy film that is beneficial for those with dry skin conditions. Its polyunsaturated, high in Omega-6 and vitamin E and rich in linoleic acid all of which gives it regenerative and restructuring qualities. This oil is the most easily absorbed of all and hypoallergenic.

Sweet Almond Oil -

this is a smooth, emollient oil with a light slightly sweet and nutty aroma. Its absorbed semi-rapidly meaning its good for long massage sessions where you dont want to be constantly replenishing the oil on the skin. High in oleic acid its very good for dry skin but should be avoided for those with nut allergies. Sweet almond is a highly nourishing oil that softens skin and eases muscle tissues. How to buy blended massage oil online. It doesnt matter if youre a massage novice or an experienced massage therapist, youll find our blended body massage oils a wonderful addition to your day. For personal use, you can rely on our blended body oil to have the perfect balance of pure essential oils, whether youre looking for a sensual massage oil recipe or an oil blend to help concentration. For aromatherapists, massage therapists and other therapeutic professionals, our massage oil effects will intensify the results of your treatment and leave your clients delighted with your services. Youll find our superb blends offer something for every situation, but if you have any questions please contact our team who will be delighted to help you select the perfect massage oil blend for your needs. We also sell all of these massage oils in our special offer sets of six, ten and twelve, click here to see our cheap massage oils and body massage gift sets massage oil special offer sets.