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Carrier Oils & Base Oil

Carrier Oils & Base Oil

How to choose the best carrier oil for your needs.

The range of carrier oils for skin and hair can seem bewildering but its actually really simple to find the best carrier oil for your face, which might be quite different to the ideal carrier oils for hair. Just use our comprehensive guide below and, to understand the quality and properties of each oil or base and youll find it straightforward to select the perfect carrier or base for your oils or essences.

Carrier oil qualityIts important to use high quality carrier oils for two reasons:

The higher the quality of the carrier oil the better it will convey the therapeutic benefit of your essential oil or absolute. The better the oil or base, the greater the supplementary effect it will have on skin and hair - for example, cold-pressed Avocado oil has been shown to have higher concentrations of Vitamin A, B1, B2, and D than Avocado oil that has been extracted chemically. Buying cheap carrier oil is therefore a false investment - it reduces the effect of your essential oils and may itself be a less effective base than a better quality carrier oil.

Carrier oil UK storage and use:

Carrier oils and bases should always be stored carefully, thats why our products are supplied in amber bottles to avoid the detrimental effects of light on some base oils. Oils should be kept in a cool dry place (although most should not be in the fridge because (a) it can change the consistency of some oils, notably coconut and avocado and (b) it takes longer to bring the carrier oil to a temperature suitable for use if its been chilled. Carrier oils will decline in quality over time, which is why we supply our bases in a range of sizes to ensure you always have fresh carrier oil to hand.

Carrier oil uses:

The sky is the limit! Some oils lend themselves naturally to the creation of lotions and creams, whilst others are ideally suited for use as bath or body oils. Still other carrier oils are perfect for lip balms or pulse point treatments. Just consult our carrier oils list to discover the many ways you can use our bases to create high quality therapeutic treatments to improve health, mind and body.