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Organic Essential Oils Uses & Benefits.

What are Organic Essential Oils?

organic essential oils are pure botanical essences that are created using totally organic techniques. They are used in aromatherapy to help the prevention or treatment of diseases, as well as bringing a wide and varying range of other benefits.

The plants from which our organic essential oils uk are taken are not treated with any chemical pesticides or fertilisers and so you can rest assured the essential oil you buy from us is truly organic.

These organic essential oils online are produced with natural materials, such as plants, are distilled with water or steam. The plant oil is then separated off from the water and you are left with essential oils. To plants, the essential oils are of vital importance to help fight off disease and insects, and when used in aromatherapy the benefits can be far reaching.

Organic essential oils are sold separately but are often blended together to produce an oil that combines many different benefits.

Why use organic essential oils?

There are two key reasons why people chose to use organic essential oils over non-organic. The first is to help protect the environment. This is because organic methods of agriculture are free of chemicals of any sort, meaning the environment does not become polluted with any impurities from manmade chemicals. This can preserve the quality of the soil, and also local water supplies.

Secondly, many users of essential oils wish to have the cleanest, purest form of the plant essences, and organic essential oils deliver this. There is no risk of any chemical element being incorporated, and instead you get a totally pure, high quality oil to help.

Benefits of using organic essential oils:

Depending on which organic essential oil you use, or which blends of oils, the benefits you should expect to receive differ. Broadly speaking, organic essential oils are highly-coveted thanks to the stress-healing powers they possess.

Stress has been proven to be one of the biggest factors in many illnesses and diseases in humans, and organic essential oils can help ease stress to prevent disease, and also treat other ailments.

Some of the other benefits you can expect to get from using organic essential oils, and the oils which are especially beneficial to each, are as follows:

Refreshment: Organic essential oils can really help refresh your mind and body, giving you a spring in your step and clear your thoughts. Some of the oils that have refreshing benefits include eucalyptus organic essential oil, frankincense organic essential oil and geranium bourbon organic essential oil.

Anti-depressant: Aromatherapy is widely used as an anti-depressant treatment, and organic essential oils play a key role in this. Oils to look out for on account of their anti-depressant qualities include bergamot organic essential oil, basil organic essential oil and lavender organic essential oil.

Calming: Organic essential oils have great calming effects which is a huge benefit of aromatherapy. For this lavender and ylang ylang organic essential oil are perfect.

Comforting: Aromatherapy with organic essential oils is a great way of feeling comforted, and once again some oils are outstanding at offering this. Try sweet orange organic essential oil, marjoram organic essential oil or bergamot.

Organic Essential Oils Vs. Non-Organic Essential Oils

Whether you’re new to using essential oils or you have been using them for a long time, you are sure to know that there are organic and non-organic essential oil to choose from. Though both have impressive uses and benefits, there are many people that favour organic essential oils over non-organic essential oils and this is with good reason.

In order to be categorised as being organic, the essential oil needs to have been created without the use of pesticides or chemicals. By avoiding the influence of any additional materials, the essential oil itself is often a lot purer and therefore very similar to the plant itself; in some ways, it’s a cleaner oil. This isn’t always the case with non-organic essential oils, as many have ingredients added to improve the way in which they work. Though there are no risks associated with using non-essential oils and many are improved upon by adding chemicals, some users prefer to work with oils that are as similar to their origin as possible.

Are Organic Essential Oils Right For You?

Choosing to use organic essential oils over those that are not organic is a personal choice. In the same way that some people prefer to eat organic vegetables, you may prefer to use essential oils that have not been touched by chemicals or pesticides. There are very few differences between the two types of essential oil and the chemicals added are miniscule, meaning there is no harm in choosing non-organic. Plus, the benefits and uses are the same. However, you may be someone who prefers to choose organic whenever possible and therefore organic essential oils are best.

If you are someone who works hard to protect the environment, organic essential oils could be the better choice for you. When essential oils are created organically there are no pesticides or chemicals, and this means that the environment is safe from being polluted by them. When non-organic essential oils are made, there is the risk of the soil and water coming into contact with these. However, it is important to note that the pesticides used in essential oil agriculture is minimal.