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Using essential oil, fragrance oils & simmering granules in a vaporizer

Using essential oil, fragrance oils & simmering granules in a vaporizer

Aromatherapy has many types of applications in the home, not the least of which is the creation of an aromatic environment that will be very beneficial to the whole household.

A popular and very widely used method of using essential oils and home fragrance products like fragrance oils, wax tarts, simmering granules in the home is to fragrance your home using a vaporizer, or oil burner. The vaporisers used in the home are widely avaliable, including the ones we sell on this website, and they range from the simple ceramic versions to more decorative oil burners.

Although they can come in many forms, they all work on the same principle method. The reservoir, or known as a receptacle, is is filled with fresh water, to which is added essential oils by the drop, or your chosen fragrance oil. The simmering salts, fragranced granules and tart melts, need no water and these fragranced products are just added straight into the reservoir. The reservour is then heated up, this then causes the oil and water to evaporate.

The simplest type of oil burner uses a tea light candle as the heat source, or another type is the

electric vaporiser. Under certain circumstances these are preferable to the type heated by a candle, for example in an office, a reception area, or at home, when you want to disperse oils for long periods at a time without the necessity of frequent supervision. Some of the electric oil burners have a silent fan that disperses the evaporating oils: others have a heated dish. Either of these would be suitable for a childs bedroom, or someone bed-ridden. Wherever you do use a vaporizer of any kind, do make certain the burner is placed in a safe place, out of reach of pets and children.

Any of the blends on this website are suitable for use in a burner, including massage blends. The amount of drops of essential oil used in your oil burner will depend on the size of your room: two to three drops for a small room, and as many as six to ten drops for a larger room, but this will depend on your own taste, start with less oil until you find your prefered amount to use. The fragrance and refresher oils work in the same way and usually the same amount of drops can be added, simmering granules are just pourred in to the reservoir or a couple of teaspoons untill the fragrance wares of.

We also sell lightbulb rings and radiator fragrancers, with bulb rings you simply place over a light bulb add a small amount of water and add your oils, when the bulb heats the oils it then fragrances your room. The radiator fragrancers just need to be placed onto a radiator using the magnetic back, then fill with water and add your oils, when the radiator fragrancer warms up it will fragrance your room.