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Floral Waters

Floral Waters

Flower waters is a traditional term used to describe the water that condensates after an essential oil has been extracted by water or steam distillation. It can be confusing because not all floral waters are floral (they can be made from bark, seeds, leaves etc and some floral waters are not pure organic products at all, but manufactured to include all kinds of aggressive chemicals.

Thats why the aromatherapy industry often prefers to use the term hydrosols or hydrolate\' to describe these gentle but effective products which have been used for as long as we have a history of medicine and cosmetics. Whichever term you prefer, floral waters hydrosols or hydrolate our products are guaranteed to be pure organic flower water - nothing but the vital healing compounds contained within the plant that were dissolved into the water and of course, the water itself. This process is called floral water distillation.

Floral waters uses:

Theres something very special about hydrofoils or floral waters. Because they contain the essence of the plant, they have wonderful therapeutic properties, just as essential oils do. But because they are already diluted by the pure water, floral waters uses are much more general. Suitable for babies and pregnant women, floral waters benefits include: a long history of use as skincare products - perfect for sensitive skin, some floral water beauty uses include toner, skin soother and clarifier depending on the hydrosol you choose.

Serving as pick-me-up spritzers - ideal for long journeys, hair conditioners - add shine and a gorgeous scent without harmful chemicals that damage hair, soothers - especially for babies, older people and invalids, the gentle aroma and healing power of a quick spray with a floral water can work miracles, sunburn treatment - several floral waters are ideal for treating sunburned or just plain tired and stressed skin, mood changers - we are so sensitive to fragrance that the right aroma can change our mood, so hydrosols are great for relieving headaches or easing nervous tension.

As you can see, their uses are endless and their properties superb. If you havent yet added floral waters to your life, we promise youll be delighted to discover their versatility.

How to buy floral waters online.

We take pride in being the leader retailer of floral waters UK, so if you have any questions about which floral water to choose, please contact our team who will be delighted to help you select the hydrosol, no matter what your needs.