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5 Litres - Reed Diffuser Base Oil - Reed Diffuser Carrier Oils

5 Litres - Reed Diffuser Base Oil - Reed Diffuser Carrier Oils

This is a high quality grade Reed Diffuser Base Carrier Oil available in 5 litre bottles to make your own reed diffusers and room sprays at a low cost. Just simply add your fragrance, shake well and then add your reeds to make your own personal diffusers and room sprays.

To make your own reed diffuser oils and room sprays with our ready mixed diffuser base oil. Simply add your fragrance oils or essential oils to the oil and shake well, leave for around 48 hours, pour into your diffuser bottle and add your reeds. Ideal for making your own personal diffuser blends just how you like them.

Add 15% to 25% fragrance oil or essential oils including essential oil blends to the diffuser base oil, more can be added depending on how strong you like your diffuser to be. Very easy and simple to use.

Bottle Size: 1 x 5 Litre Jerry Can.

Packaging: Supplied in bottles as seen in the pictures.

Shipping. 5 Litres will be sent by UPS. (We cannot always guarantee premium next day shipping on 5 litre size bottles)