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Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil (prunus armeniaca)

Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil (prunus armeniaca)

Apricot kernel is grown commercially in the south of France. The Apricot Kernel tree grows to about 30 feet high. Apricot kernel oil is extracted from the cold pressed apricot kernel, is rich in minerals and vitamins. A natural moisturizer, its has a light texture and high penetrative qualitys. The apricot kernel oil helps to maintain healthy skin and surface tissue. Its lightweight quality allows it to penetrate quickly and effectively to soften rough skin. It contains Vitamins A, essential for all skin types. Apricot Kernel is full of vitamins and minerals, this oily base oil is good for skin care products for all types of skin.

The plant: The tree is native to China where it was the transported to the Middle East, following which the Romans established apricot orchards in southern Europe. The apricot now flourish in the USA. Commercially apricots are grown in the south of France. The tree grows to about 30 feet in height, with white flowers from Febuary to March.

Useful for: All skin types, especially elderly, inflamed and dry skin. Good for facial care because it is very light and absorbed well.

Therapeutic properties: With very similar uses to those of sweet almond. Excellent for skin protection, being emollient and nourishing, readily absorbed because of the texture of apricot kernel, beneficial in relieving itching caused by eczema, suitable for dry, sensitive skins.<P>

The oil: Identical to sweet almond oil. Odourless, colourless to pale yellow.

Extraction method: The oil is obtained by cold pressing of the kernels, this is the best quality oil.

Latin name: Prunus armeniaca L.

Family: Rosaceae.