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Boxed Essential Oil Collection - C

Boxed Essential Oil Collection - C

A boxed collection of eight (10ml bottles) of the most popular pure essential oils and an information leaflet, would make an ideal starter set for beginners or as a gift.

This set contains the following eight (10ml bottles) of aromatherapy essential oils:

Orange Sweet
Tea Tree

Essential oils are excellent for medical, health, cleaning around the home, home fragrancing, body massage beauty treatments and in the bath, there are many ways to benefit from the use of essential oils. All essential oils in this set can be used in an electric diffuser, humidifier, vaporiser and all other home fragrance oil burners, the benefits of using essential oils in a diffuser are that they help to clear the air of dust and bacteria, helps to open the airway, affects your mood helping you to relax and energise yourself and create the right mood in your home or office.

Use these therapeutic grade 100% pure essential oils (with no chemecals, preservatives or fillers added) for all of your natural aromatherapy treatments, home fragrance needs and all aromatherapy uses around the home or work.

For skincare blend these essential oils with a carrier oil for skincare such as Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Rosehip Oil.

All the essential oils are 100% pure and not tested on animals.