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Coconut Simmering Granules

Coconut Simmering Granules

Apple Spice Simmering Granules are perfect for fragrancing your home and are easy to use.

Each bag is 200g in weight and will last a long time because they are made using top quality and long lasting fragrances.

Warm a couple of teaspoons of these apple spice simmering granules in your vaporiser or oil burner and then just replace them when they are used up. Great for using in your oil burner because there easy to use, clean and you don't need any water just add the
granules and enjoy the lovely scent in your home.

Mostly used in oil burners, but they can also be used like potpourri in a dish to delecately scent a room, freshen bathrooms and closets, or place in an ashtray to banish the smell of smoke.

To use the in an oil burner, just fill the well or reservoir of your burner with simmering granules and light a t-light candle and require no water.