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Evening Primrose Carrier Oil (Oenethera biennis)

Evening Primrose Carrier Oil (Oenethera biennis)

Evening primrose oil is a rich source of GLA and is useful for the relief of eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, PMS, and other tenderbreasts. It is also suitable for face treatments, but as it is quite a sticky oil it should be mixed with a lighter oil, such as grapeseed and soya. Evening Primrose oil is taken from the seeds of the flower and is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic. It is known for its ability to reduce the rate of blood clotting. It is effective for a number of skin conditions. A small amount can be included as part of a massage blend or cream for allergic skin problems.

The plant: Evening primrose is native to Sorth America, and is now common in Europe and the Mediterranean, it is also cultivated in the UK. The plant has golden-yellow flowers which bloom in the early evenig, hence its name and then soon die, leading to the formation of pods containing the seeds from which the oil is obtained. The leaves are used in poultices to soothe muscular aches and pains. But the tiny seeds yield a light-textured, highly-penetrative oil which is hugely popular as a skin-care agent and a nutritional supplement. Vitamin E is usually added to enhance and perserve its properties.

Benefits: Rich in a type of fatty acid known as gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which has anti-inflammatory properties and is especially helpful for dry, inflamed or irritated skin. It is also a good moisturizer for mature complexions.

Therapeutic properties: Evening primrose oil is useful on dryskin, dandruff conditions and helpful for eczema.

Extraction method: The oil is obtained from the tiny seeds.

Latin name: Oenothera biennis.

Family: Onagraceae.

Contains vitamins: B3, B6, and C.