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Rose Maroc Essential Oil Blend - DILUTED 5% in Grapeseed (rosa centifolia) - 10ml

Rose Maroc Essential Oil Blend - DILUTED 5% in Grapeseed (rosa centifolia) - 10ml

The rose that is generally used for oil production is a hybrid between R.centifolia , pink rose and R.gallica, red rose. The rose maroc grows to about 8 feet and has an abundance of pink or rosy red, purple flowers. The essential oil is extracted by water distillation from the fresh petals. The absolute are produced mainly in Morocco by solvent extraction from the fresh petals. The oil is a red-orange colour with a floral, rosy, rich, sweet, warm aroma.

Rose Maroc blend essential oil is blended in 95% grapeseed carrier oil. This makes this rose much lower in price but still very highly fragranced, because a huge quanity of rose petals is needed to make pure rose oil for very little oil, rose oil is very highly concentrated that only a very small amount is needed for each treatment.

Latin name: Rosa damascena.

Family: Rosaceae.

Plant part used: Flower Petals.

Extraction: By enfleurage extraction or by solvent extraction..

Aroma: Rose blend essential oil has a deep, sweet and flowers aroma - makes an excellent perfume.

Blends well with: Chamomile, clove, the citrus oils, egyptian geranium, labdanum, lavender, mimosa, oakmoss, rose, peruvian balsam, bergamot, orange, sandalwood, clary sage, clove and jasmine.