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Sandalwood Glow Massage Oil

Sandalwood Glow Massage Oil

The Sandalwood Glow blend is an ideal oil for a winter massage - and makes a perfect Christmas gift for a fan of aromatherapy! Using Sandalwood oil for its spicy aroma, but also for the physical effect of warmth and the oil’s renowned ability to clear the mind, this blend brings clarity as well as serenity. Black Pepper oil is another clarity-promoting essential oil which, in this blend, is also chosen for its warming nature and ability to aid healthy circulation and improve the sense of taste and smell so food is enhanced. Finally, Mandarin oil is chosen for its ability to remove stress and anxiety and to tone the entire nervous system. Use this massage oil blend and you’ll feel both calm and clear-headed, with a marvellous sense of warmth and rebalancing.

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