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Toning & Firming Massage Oil

Toning & Firming Massage Oil

Who doesn’t want firmer, more toned skin? We blend four essential oils to make a perfect treatment. Orange oil is anti-inflammatory, diuretic and tonic - this means it reduces inflammation that can cause skin congestion, relieves fluid retention and stimulates circulation for smoother skin. Grapefruit oil boosts the metabolism and lowers inflammation while Geranium’s astringency reducing sagging and wrinkling in skin and detoxifies the body by promoting health urination. Finally, Clary Sage contains an ester (linalyl acetate) which is known to treat skin inflammation and minimise rashes as well as balancing the skin’s natural oils to give a younger and more even appearance. For healthy skin from the outside in, choose our Toning and Firming Massage Oil!

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