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Aromatherapy Gift Set - Gold Gift Box

Aromatherapy Gift Set - Gold Gift Box

Aromatherapy Gift Set With A Gold Gift Box containing a range of six popular 100% pure essential oils and two carrier oils, a book, radiator fragrancer and blending accessories.

This aromatherapy gifts set will make an ideal gift and makes an excellent starter set for someone interested in aromatherapy and essential oils. The book Aromatherapy A Guide for Home Use' by Christine Westwood has all the basic information to get you started in making essential oil blends, massage oils and diffusing essential oils, along with safety information and general information on essential oils and carrier oils. This gift set also comes with a booklet and a leaflet with extra information on the essential oils contained in this gift set.

Use this gift set for making all your diffuser and oil burner oils, massage oils, bath oils and general aromatherapy and home fragrancing. The radiator fragrancer has a magnetic back to fix onto a radiator and as the radiator heats, the water and essential oils are released into the room.

This boxed gift set will contain:-

10ml Eucalyptus Essential Oil
10ml Lavender Essential Oil
10ml Tea Tree Essential Oil
10ml Sweet Orange Essential Oil
10ml Grapefruit Essential Oil
10ml Peppermint Essential Oil
50ml Grapeseed Carrier Oil
50ml Jojoba Carrier Oil
2 x Glass Pipettes
Radiator Fragrancer
Empty 10ml Glass Bottle with Dropper
Aromatherapy Book By Christine Westwood

Presented in a gold gift box, as seen in the pictures.

This gift set will contain 100% pure essential oils and a quality selection of accessories to make a unique gift for anyone interested in aromatherapy and essential oils.