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Incense Holders & Incense Ash Catchers

Incense Holders & Incense Ash Catchers

In this section you will find a good selection of incense holders and incense burners of all types, sizes and designs. We sell incense cone holder, which come in a range of styles like brass cone incense burner, elephant incense burner, tibetan incense holder and charcoal incense burner to burn your resin charcoal disks on, as well as an incense holder to burn incense cones and sticks on. Take a look and we are sure there is a design that will take your fancy. They make using your incense easy and safe and clean by allowing the incense holder and burner to catch the ash. We also sell a range of smoking dragon incense burners that allow the smoke to rise from the mouth of the dragon, please take a look at our selection of awesome, novelty incense burners.