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Incense Resin - Charcoal Burning Discs & Natural Resin Incense

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Incense Resin, Charcoal Burning & Resin Incense

Incense Resin, Charcoal Burning & Resin Incense
Bring the mystic middle east to your home today with our Goloka Mixed packs Incense Resin for burning with charcoal burning discs. These natural burning resin incense can be used with a charcoal burning disc and burner for purifying the air, to cleanse and are great for meditation.

The smoke emitted from these resin incense have been used to clear negative energies for centuries and are particularly useful for purifying sacred spaces, meditation, scenting the home and religious ceremonies.

- Resin incense.
- Charcoal Burning Incense Resin.
- Purifying.
- Cleanse.
- Meditation.

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