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Floral Waters (Hydrolats)

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Floral waters Hydrolats - remedies and beauty aids.

Our Floral Waters are avaliable in sizes from 100ml and upto 25 Litres bulk size.

Get much closer to nature with Powells Aromatherapy Floral Waters. They have subtle, and precious formulas, that can gently refresh the skin helping with your daily cleansing routines. Floral waters are often used for making cosmetic products and are used as cosmetic ingredients. Make your own skin care toners and products with there natural skin toning and conditioning properties.

Floral waters are the water that condensates after an essential oil has been extracted by water or steam distillation. Floral waters have many benefits and here at Powells Aromatherapy we take pride in our floral waters being the best quality. If you need any help or informations on our floral water please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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