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Reed Diffuser Base Carrier Oil

Reed Diffuser Base Carrier Oil

Our Reed Diffuser Base Oil is a diffuser carrier oil that allows you to make your own reed diffuser oils for your empty diffuser bottles, we also sell empty bottles and replacement reeds in our online shop if you need them, under the home fragrance section.

Making your own diffusers with this carrier oil allows you to make your own using essential oils, fragrance oils and also essential oil blends all avaliable to buy on our website.

Simple to make just add your essential oils or fragrance oils to the diffuser base oil and shake well, leave for a couple of days and its ready to pour into your jar and then just add your reeds and enjoy your chosen scent.

We reccomend adding about 25% fragrance oils to the base oil and about 15% essential oils or essential oil blends, but this will depend on the oil used as some fragrance oils and essential oils are stronger than others like citronella oil is quite strong and also oils like patchouli and lavender, so we reccomend adding a small amount first and keep adding more until you get the strength of scent that you like, some people like there reed diffusers stronger and some like them to be much more mild, just try with a small amount first.

If you need advice on making your own reed diffuser using our reed diffuser base oil please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Avaliable sizes are 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre and 5 litres. Please select your size from the drop down box below and add to your cart.

Shipping: 5 litres and above will be sent by UPS or TNT. (For 5 litres and over we cannot always guarantee premium next day shipping).

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